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802.11 Standards

IEEE 802.11 PHY Standards Cheat Sheet

Every once in a while there are new IEEE 802.11 Standards, this time there were 3!  802.11ay, 802.11az and 802.11ba:

  • IEEE 802.11ay: Successor of 802.11ad with higher transmisson rates and extended transmission distance.
  • IEEE 802.11az: Called Next Generation Positioning (NGP), looks at ways to improve the location and positioning of users.
  • IEEE 802.11ba: Known as “Wake-Up Radio” (WUR), aimed at extending the battery life of devices and sensors within an Internet of Things network.

Now publicly available IEEE Std 802.11™-2016 was a reason to take another look at the 802.11 standards.

IEEE 802.11 PHY Standards cheat sheet:

802.11 Cheat Sheet
IEEE PHY 802.11 Standards Cheat Sheet

IEEE Std 802.11™: The original standard was published in 1997, revised in 1999 with MIB changes, and reaffirmed in 2003.

IEEE Std 802.11™-2007: A revision was published in 2007, which incorporated into the 1999 edition the following amendments:
— IEEE Std 802.11a™-1999: High-speed Physical Layer in the 5 GHz Band
— IEEE Std 802.11b™-1999: Higher-Speed Physical Layer Extension in the 2.4 GHz Band
— IEEE Std 802.11b-1999/Corrigendum 1-2001: Higher-speed Physical Layer (PHY) extension in the 2.4 GHz band
— IEEE Std 802.11d™-2001: Specification for operation in additional regulatory domains
— IEEE Std 802.11g™-2003: Further Higher Data Rate Extension in the 2.4 GHz Band
— IEEE Std 802.11h™-2003: Spectrum and Transmit Power Management Extensions in the 5 GHz band in Europe
— IEEE Std 802.11i™-2004: Medium Access Control (MAC) Security Enhancements
— IEEE Std 802.11j™-2004: 4.9 GHz–5 GHz Operation in Japan
— IEEE Std 802.11e™-2005: Medium Access Control (MAC) Quality of Service Enhancements

IEEE Std 802.11™-2012: This revision was published in 2012, which incorporated into the 2007 revision the following amendments:
— IEEE Std 802.11k™-2008: Radio Resource Measurement of Wireless LANs
— IEEE Std 802.11r™-2008: Fast Basic Service Set (BSS) Transition
— IEEE Std 802.11y™-2008: 3650–3700 MHz Operation in USA
— IEEE Std 802.11w™-2009: Protected Management Frames
— IEEE Std 802.11n™-2009: Enhancements for Higher Throughput
— IEEE Std 802.11p™-2010: Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments
— IEEE Std 802.11z™-2010: Extensions to Direct-Link Setup (DLS)
— IEEE Std 802.11v™-2011: Wireless Network Management
— IEEE Std 802.11u™-2011: Interworking with External Networks
— IEEE Std 802.11s™-2011: Mesh Networking

IEEE Std 802.11™-2016: This revision is based on IEEE Std 802.11-2012, into which the following amendments have been incorporated:
— IEEE Std 802.11ae™-2012: Prioritization of Management Frames
— IEEE Std 802.11aa™-2012: MAC Enhancements for Robust Audio Video Streaming
— IEEE Std 802.11ad™-2012: Enhancements for Very High Throughput in the 60 GHz Band
— IEEE Std 802.11ac™-2013: Enhancements for Very High Throughput for Operation in Bands below 6 GHz
— IEEE Std 802.11af™-2013: Television White Spaces (TVWS) Operation


IEEE Std 802.11™-2016
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