Telspan Communication Systems

There are a lot of communication systems. Understanding your company’s needs lets us manage and build systems to meet your requirements today and tomorrow. This is a list of communications services that we understand, build and service.


Communications Systems

Technology & Consultation

Telspan’s team of experienced professionals will work with you to determine what technology will meet your communication needs today and tomorrow.

Key/Hybrid Telephone Systems

Changes in technology have meant advancements in Key / Hybrid Telephone Systems. Telspan can assist in helping choose the best option for your company.


Cost effective, reliable and secure the cloud is an Internet-based voice and data communications application. Switching and storage are hosted by an outside third-party and accessed over the public Internet. Cloud customers pay only for the services they use and don’t need to own or maintain traditional software or telephone equipment.

Traditional and IP Enabled PBX

Telspan has expertise in Traditional and IP Enabled PBX solutions. Learn the differences between both solutions as well as how they can work together.

Voice Mail/Automated Attendant

Automated Attendant, Virtual Receptionist Callers may get a voice-recorded menu to choose a department within the business to be transferred to or they may be transferred directly to an extension.

Unified Messaging Service

Unified messaging enables businesses to integrate voice, mobility and presence with the Cloud and Google Apps.


New technologies continue to emerge during this Voice Over-IP evolution. Telspan has the knowledge and the resources to demonstrate these new technologies and the benefits they can bring to how your business handles their communication needs.

Situation Monitoring

Having the power to know what’s going on around you and using that information to avoid loss is the goal of Situational Monitoring and Awareness.

Voice, Data & Fiber Cabling

Telspan is prepared to handle all of your cabling needs – from verifying your requirements to designing and implementing a solution that will meet your continuing infrastructure needs.


Telspan can offer a wide range of network infrastructure products to enhance your network managements system.

Call Centers

Solutions are available to ensure your call center can service your customers in a professional manner to protect your company’s most important asset – your customers.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance technology has proven not only be an effective criminal deterrent, but a business security essential.