Discover more about Telspan: Since 1968 Telspan has provided organizations with complete telecommunications solutions. Telspan looks at your business and designs a system that operates the way you need it to. By combining system installation, maintenance, coordination and consultative services, we create a communications solution that fits your business and its changing communications requirements.



Our Clients

Our clients are in a wide range of industries including professional services, wholesale and retail, medical facilities, government agencies, academic and non-profit organizations. Their needs range from centralized call centers to mobile workforces that need to stay connected wherever they may be.

Our Team

George J. Taylor, Jr. President of Telspan and Genie Innovations inc.

George J. Taylor is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Taylor founded a number of communication companies over the course of his career including Farmstead Leasing to provide telephone system financing to fellow telecom companies. Farmstead Telephone Group (an American stock exchange company) which Mr. Taylor was Chairman and CEO for 20 years. In 2009, Mr. Taylor founded Genie Innovations, Inc. to provide hosted premise VOIP to State of CT municipalities, schools, libraries and non-profits. He presently serves as president to both Telspan and Genie Innovations.

Mr. Taylor was a founding father, after getting a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in business administration, President and Board of Director member of the North America Telecommunication Dealers Assoc. today numbering more than 200 US and International Telecommunication Computer Dealers.

Mr. Taylor as served on numerous civil and non-profit organizations including being financial chairperson for his church or and board of director of a local golf country club.


Frank M. Ferrall, President Emeritus 

Telspan President, Frank M. Ferrall founded the company in 1968. Frank entered the nascent telecommunications industry as a technician in the early 60’s, having been recruited by Bell Labs to join its storied New York City facility at 463 West Street. Frank was an original Engineer when AT&T began replacing mechanical Central Offices with the Computerized Central Offices across the country.

After completing a tour of duty in Vietnam in the U.S. Navy training South Vietnamese combatants, Frank returned to Bell Labs. He later joined the New York Telephone Company as a Major Account Specialist for one of Wall Street’s largest financial institutions serving high-net-worth clients.

Here at “Ma Bell,” Frank met his future partner and Telspan co-founder. Together, they brainstormed and developed new processes and technologies to more effectively and efficiently address client needs, resolve issues, and propel the evolution of the now burgeoning telecommunications industry. In 1972, Telspan was founded.

“Today,” says Frank, “the demand for increased bandwidth, combined with cloud-hosted technology, presents yet another entirely new world of opportunities for innovative applications as well as a plethora of financing and purchasing arrangements. It’s an exciting time to be working in telecommunications, but then again, it always has been.” A native New Yorker, he moved to Connecticut in 1985 with the expansion of Telspan and the purchase of National Telephone. Frank resides in Glastonbury, Connecticut, where he and his wife Stephanie raised their four children.

Chris S. Ferrall, Application Engineer

Chris (Curtis) S. Ferrall joined Telspan on a full-time basis in 1993, although as Chris points out, “I’ve actually been working here since I was three years old, when my dad began bringing me in with him on snow days.”

As Applications Engineer, Chris serves as Telspan’s primary communications consultant. He works closely with clients to thoroughly understand and prioritize their needs and objectives and then custom designs cost-effective technology solutions and financial arrangements aligned to both current and anticipated future business and economic environments.

Chris is adept at systems troubleshooting and also oversees the firm’s ongoing research in technology and applications to ensure Telspan’s clients and business partners are continuously working with the most current information available. For each project, his primary objective is to increase effectiveness and reduce cost. Chris holds a C.S. degree from Central Connecticut State University. He also trained in the culinary arts and has worked at several of the area’s fine eateries.

Chris resides in Glastonbury, Connecticut, where he and his wife Faith are raising their two children. He volunteers as a Lieutenant with the Glastonbury Fire Department, and since 1999 has been a member of the Glastonbury Volunteer Ambulance Association. He currently manages the Naubuc Fire Department softball team.

Sherry Avery, Customer Service Manager

Sherry joined Telspan out of high school in 1978 as a clerk/typist.  With more than 35 years experience, she now serves as Customer Service Manager.

A native of CT, Sherry was born and raised in Enfield and currently resides in Somers. An avid reader of mysteries, political thrillers, and a wide range of other genres, she also enjoys spending time with her family on Lake George.

Rick Waugh,  Purchasing Manager

Rick joined Telspan in 1980, working in the company’s warehouse. He became Warehouse/Purchasing Manager in 1990. “When I started we were still selling rotary phones,” says Rick. Since then he has served Telspan with a wide range of skills including purchasing, inventory, field support, customer service, and vehicle and facility maintenance. Always interested in technology, Rick has lived in CT since 1963.

Our History


When the Federal Communications Commission Carterfone Ruling (13 F.C.C.2d 420) of 1968 opened the market to customer-owned equipment and other devices to be connected directly to the AT&T network, Frank Ferrall knew that he wanted to be part of this new industry.

In 1972 he left “Ma Bells” New York Telephone as a Major Account Specialist to forge Telspan’s way in the burgeoning telecommunications industry. Frank Ferrall founded Telspan LTD., with a desire to develop new processes and technologies and propel the evolution of the industry.

Since then, Telspan has grown exponentially and in pace with the fast-growing, ever-changing world of telecommunications. Having a leaner, more agile organizational structure than the mammoth communications conglomerates of the day meant Telspan was ideally positioned to respond quickly and effectively to the groundbreaking changes regularly occurring throughout the industry.

For example, an industry-mandated restriction against the use of PVC cabling provided Telspan a world of new opportunities for reducing costs and enhancing efficiency through the innovative use of electronics in place of mechanicals. Similarly, during the court-ordered break-up of the AT&T conglomerate, Telspan maximized the opportunity to establish long-term business relationships with the AFL-CIO and the Ford Foundation.

In 1982, Telspan was listed in Inc. Magazine’s “The 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S.” In 1985, Telspan acquired South Windsor, Connecticut-based National Telephone, thereby expanding the firm’s presence across 12 states.

Telspan has come full circle since Bell Labs recruited its founder in 1962.  Recently Telspan teamed up as a business partner with Alcatel-Lucent, formerly known as Bell Labs. Telspan is proud to be a VETERAN OWNED, family business.


Our Business Partners

Authorized dealers of:







Manufacturers equipment we service:

Alcatel Lucent, Cradlepoint, Iwatsu, Samsung, Panasonic

Service providers we work with:

AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Frontier, Pulsar 360, Metrotech Solutions