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Protect Your Business Continuity with ICON Cloud Solutions

ICON can help you protect your assets and prevent business disruptions by monitoring and alerting your facilities. Insurance can help replace some items after the fact, but that doesn’t cover the downtime, lost revenue or the frustration of getting your business back online. Even small disruptions in business continuity, from a blown fuse to a vandal on premises, from a water leak to a door being opened after hours, can snowball into a large disruptive force if left unchecked. Situational awareness from ICON Cloud Solutions gives you the time to react and respond…time that is critical in dealing with a potentially expensive development.


Alcatel-Lucent 8082 Video Phone Demo

The touch screen interface on the Alcatel-Lucent 8082 phone make video calls simple to initiate and manage. The 8082 IP phone is available on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office and OmniPCX Enterprise platforms.

Telspan Opens New Corporate Headquarters


Telspan Corporate OfficeTelspan is pleased to announce our new corporate facility designed to integrate new services and provide our clients with a better overall experience. The new office provides an improved customer service area, product demonstration room and an expanded technical research, development and testing center.

The new customer service center will allow Telspan to better serve clients needs. The center provides a focused area with all the resources necessary to fulfill the support requirements of our clients.

An integrated conference room/demo room provides a space for customer training and to showcase all of our new products.  Clients and prospects will be able to experience hands on demonstrations of voice, data and video products and services.  Clients will also be able to keep up with new technologies through Lunch and Learn programs sponsored by various business partners.

The expanded R&D center allows us to create custom solutions for clients from the ground up. Telspan can design and build systems then test and verify them prior to product deployment. This ensures a higher level of quality and service for the client.

Located on Governors Highway near major highways, the new facility provides easier access for our customers and  a more efficient workspace for our employees.

Alcatel-Lucent Creating Personal Network and M2M Growth

Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent’s research arm, explains the company’s vertical virtualization and horizontal distribution plans, moving technology into the cloud, and cloud into the hardware, creating a “personal network.”

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)’s imminent move to the cloud and how Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Labs fits into this transition is also explained.

Interview: Alcatel Lucent

Bell Labs’ Dr Theodore Sizer gives his thoughts on 5G development and tells Mobile World Live why wired technology will become a thing of the past.

Telspan’s Partnership With ICON

Telspan Solutions has had a long standing partnership with ICON Voice Networks and ICON Cloud Solutions. To learn more about what this partnership has accomplished and where it is going, take a look at these videos.

ICON Voice Networks building cloud solution with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise – David Carissimi

ITEXPO Las Vegas – Interview with ICON cloud Solutions – Kevin Kelleher

What would you do if you lost your building!

How will you communicate with customers?

How will you generate revenue?

Many companies have not considered the impact to their business if their communications systems were down for 1 or more days following a disaster such as a fire, hurricane or earthquake. The fact is, recovery time to restore even partial service will take days, if not weeks.

ICON’s Rapid Communications Deployment Services

ICON Cloud’s Rapid Communications Deployment Service can have critical communications functions operational within hours as opposed to weeks or months following a disaster. This includes:

  • Telephone system services hosted in ICON’s secured data center
  • Alcatel-Lucent IP phones
  • Number forwarding service
  • Auto-attendant & voice mail.

Maintain Communications & Generate Revenue in the Wake of Disaster

Alcatel-Lucent-equipmentDown time can be measured in lost phone calls, lost emails, lost orders and lost revenue. For a medium size business, this revenue loss could be tens of thousands of dollars per day. Not to mention the stress it can lead to with your most critical customer and supplier relationships. Is your business prepared for the unexpected? If not, Telspan and ICON Cloud specializes in helping companies avoid the crippling effects a disaster has on business operations.