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Rapid Session Shift – Move Calls Between Devices

Seamlessly hand off calls between any devices, including cell phone, office phone, desk phone, tablet, smart board or conference phone. Use the device that best suits the time and place without sacrificing access to features and services without loss of functionality.

Open Touch and SMB

SMB are more than ever concerned by improving customer satisfaction, increasing the efficiency of their employees and reducing and optimizing their costs. It is essential to be reachable by clients anywhere, anytime. SMB employees are often out of the office. While on the move, sales people cannot afford to miss calls, emails or faxes because this can translate into missed business opportunities.

SMB employees must reinforce their value in providing personalized services and expert information. When clients call the SMB, staff must work hard to quickly address their needs and ensure satisfaction. The communication system must provide end-to-end call management, with a professional welcome and efficient call routing to the employee. To increase staff productivity and facilitate communications with preferred suppliers, the system needs to provide collaborative tools and integration with SMB operations.

The OpenTouch Suite for SMB tailors the communication system to your unique needs, whether it is a small agency branch or a central office, by providing:

  • Feature-rich applications that improve client service and call handling
  • Flexible communication server and network infrastructure with powerful embedded features
  • A range of wireline phones for professional IP or digital telephony

The OpenTouch Suite for SMB integrates the communication system with on-the go business operations to provide the following services to an Apple iPhone or a mobile device with the Google Android operating system:

  • A single phone number, so calls to the office are automatically routed to the mobile device or voicemail — transparently
  • Call management from a smartphone or mobile device: Voice mail with a single business

mailbox accessible remotely, call transfer, call forwarding, conference calling and a centralized address book.

The OpenTouch Suite for SMB enables small and medium-sized companies to be reachable by clients and potential clients anytime, anywhere, through a flexible communication system that is always on the go.. It also provides seamless, flexible services with end-to-end call management to quickly address clients’ needs and help earn their loyalty.

Pimphony Basic Overview

PIMphony Basic software is the personal information manager for the Alcatel-Lucent Opentouch SMB phone system. The call manager, contact lists, call log and forwarding options are covered in this overview video.


How to Choose a Phone System

ENT-MGT3a-M12First, Establish the Basic Business Needs

Consider what is driving your decision for a new phone system by first accessing your current situation. Ask and answer these questions:

  • Have you outgrown your current system?
  • Are there new features or applications you want to add such as collaboration, video, cell phone integration, desktop screen pops, database lookups or wireless voice?
  • Are you having problems maintaining a new system or problems with service level?
  • Do you have a high level of missed or abandoned calls?
  • Is it difficult for customers to reach the correct employee?

Knowing why you are looking and what basic needs you are trying to achieve will help narrow down your choices.

Second, Analyze Call Flow and Design the Ideal Call Flow for your Business

Now that you know why you are looking for a new phone system, what do you want that phone system to do? Don’t make it about the great new “whiz-bang shinny” feature – go back to basics. It’s important to know why people are calling and how you handle those calls now.

Who will be calling? Customers looking for support? People wanting to buy your products or services? People wanting to reach other people for general information, billing, follow-ups or telemarketing?

Asking these questions will establish the basic needs. For example, if your company has multiple departments, an automated attendant can be used to route calls to those departments based on factors such as time of day, number dialed and reason for call. Or would it make your company more effective if callers were able to reach mobile employees by routing directly to the cell phone?

Third, Design the Best Solution for your Business

Now that you know the why and what, that is, why you are considering a new phone system and what you need that phone system to do, it’s time to analyze the how. At this point you will probably be working with a consultant or voice communications company.

Here are some things to consider that can help guide you through this process.

  • Consider what existing infrastructure can be used with the new system. For example, cabling. Today’s converged IP-PBX systems often support both IP and digital/analog phones and your current cabling can be used.
  • Discuss with your vendor how the proposed system will handle exact call flow sequences – this  will prove if the solution works for your business.
  • Always be conscious of future growth – it is typical to plan for your new communications system to be in operation for a minimum of 7 years. A good rule of thumb is they system should have double what you believe is your growth projection.


As with most buying decisions, the best decisions are made when you are completely aware of the specific reasons that are driving your buying decision. By focusing on how calls are currently handled, what the pain points are for both customers and employees, and having some sense of your future growth and needs, you will make the best decision.

A good communications solutions provider can be your best asset in this process. Find a vendor that will work with you to help you identify needs specific to your business and leverage they best available technology to meet those needs.

Mobility Key – Transfer Calls to Your Cell Phone

Use a Mobility Key to transfer a call back and forth from your office phone to your cell phone. The Mobility Key is available with Iwatsu Enterprise-CS and ICON Series phones (IX-5810, IX-5910, IX5930).

Risk Mitigation with ICON Cloud Solutions

Taking precautionary measures is the first step in ensuring the safety of your business assets. ICON Cloud Solutions can help protect your people and your property in order to help prevent disruptions to your business.

  • Integrate with systems already in place, like environmental and security control systems to centralize alert notifications.
  • Monitor critical systems in real time for changes in temperature, moisture, water and motion.
  • Monitor key physical assets including server rooms, refrigeration units, HVAC, access points and storage areas.
  • Proactive alerting to multiple communication devices including mobile handsets, business phones, PC’s, digital signage and more.

Protect Your Business Continuity with ICON Cloud Solutions

ICON can help you protect your assets and prevent business disruptions by monitoring and alerting your facilities. Insurance can help replace some items after the fact, but that doesn’t cover the downtime, lost revenue or the frustration of getting your business back online. Even small disruptions in business continuity, from a blown fuse to a vandal on premises, from a water leak to a door being opened after hours, can snowball into a large disruptive force if left unchecked. Situational awareness from ICON Cloud Solutions gives you the time to react and respond…time that is critical in dealing with a potentially expensive development.


Alcatel-Lucent 8082 Video Phone Demo

The touch screen interface on the Alcatel-Lucent 8082 phone make video calls simple to initiate and manage. The 8082 IP phone is available on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office and OmniPCX Enterprise platforms.

Telspan Opens New Corporate Headquarters

Telspan Corporate OfficeTelspan is pleased to announce our new corporate facility designed to integrate new services and provide our clients with a better overall experience. The new office provides an improved customer service area, product demonstration room and an expanded technical research, development and testing center.

The new customer service center will allow Telspan to better serve clients needs. The center provides a focused area with all the resources necessary to fulfill the support requirements of our clients.

An integrated conference room/demo room provides a space for customer training and to showcase all of our new products.  Clients and prospects will be able to experience hands on demonstrations of voice, data and video products and services.  Clients will also be able to keep up with new technologies through Lunch and Learn programs sponsored by various business partners.

The expanded R&D center allows us to create custom solutions for clients from the ground up. Telspan can design and build systems then test and verify them prior to product deployment. This ensures a higher level of quality and service for the client.

Located on Governors Highway near major highways, the new facility provides easier access for our customers and  a more efficient workspace for our employees.

Alcatel-Lucent Creating Personal Network and M2M Growth

Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent’s research arm, explains the company’s vertical virtualization and horizontal distribution plans, moving technology into the cloud, and cloud into the hardware, creating a “personal network.”

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)’s imminent move to the cloud and how Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Labs fits into this transition is also explained.