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Alcatel-Lucent Creating Personal Network and M2M Growth

Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent’s research arm, explains the company’s vertical virtualization and horizontal distribution plans, moving technology into the cloud, and cloud into the hardware, creating a “personal network.”

What would you do if you lost your building!

How will you communicate with customers?

How will you generate revenue?

Many companies have not considered the impact to their business if their communications systems were down for 1 or more days following a disaster such as a fire, hurricane or earthquake. The fact is, recovery time to restore even partial service will take days, if not weeks.

ICON’s Rapid Communications Deployment Services

ICON Cloud’s Rapid Communications Deployment Service can have critical communications functions operational within hours as opposed to weeks or months following a disaster. This includes:

  • Telephone system services hosted in ICON’s secured data center
  • Alcatel-Lucent IP phones
  • Number forwarding service
  • Auto-attendant & voice mail.

Maintain Communications & Generate Revenue in the Wake of Disaster

Alcatel-Lucent-equipmentDown time can be measured in lost phone calls, lost emails, lost orders and lost revenue. For a medium size business, this revenue loss could be tens of thousands of dollars per day. Not to mention the stress it can lead to with your most critical customer and supplier relationships. Is your business prepared for the unexpected? If not, Telspan and ICON Cloud specializes in helping companies avoid the crippling effects a disaster has on business operations.