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Open Touch Cloud Communications Solutions

Cloud models and services have emerged as a transformational opportunity to reduce the burden on IT of building and managing infrastructures. Companies can increase their focus on strategic business value and begin to shift to a scalable service model. The cloud offers rapid deployment, flexible and elastic cost structures, advanced applications and service delivery with improved user experience.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise doesn’t force customers to rip and replace their whole existing infrastructure. Instead they can embrace the cloud transformation at their own pace with a fully flexible consumption-based model.

So for small, medium and large enterprises who want to provide their employees with next generation communication tools that improve their productivity, the shift to the cloud represents an immediate opportunity to capitalize on state-of-the-art technologies and respond with agility through flexible business models. It means no upfront investments, reducing capital expenses and TCO.

OpenTouch Suite for Cloud is available in following versions:

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise also provides Rainbow, a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, Communication Platform (CPaaS) that connects people and systems.