Telspan Support Service Assurance Program

Telspan’s Full Service Assurance Program.

Tech support services, field or remote access technicians, offsite data backup of your voice mail system, and 24-hour emergency service

  • Consultation
  • Customer Service
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Line Monitoring
  • Relocation Planning
  • And So Much More

Customized Services Unique At Telspan

Consultation Service

supportWe evaluate your local and long distance carrier to determine the most efficient and cost effective service provider based on your business requirements. We will act as your liaison, interfacing with your voice & Internet services provider, on your behalf in the event of trouble with their services. This includes meeting with them at your location when they require a “Vendor meet” to trouble shoot a problem.

sherryCustomer Service

Your business depends on being able to stay connected to your customers. If there is a problem with your phone or network or you need assistance getting your system to work the way you want, Telspan customer service is here to assist you.

Including tech support from field service technicians or remote access technicians, offsite data backup of your voice mail system, and 24-hour emergency service.


Our “Full Service Assurance Program” is designed to identify and resolve potential problems before they occur. Equipment is inspected, cleaned and tested to ensure optimal operation and efficiency.


When we install a new system into your business we will train your employees on the benefits and proper use of the equipment.   We will schedule a visit to train or retrain your employees at any time during the first year of ownership or anytime with an annual Full Service Assurance Program.

Power Line Monitoring

How green is your telecommunications equipment running? We will monitor your power usage and see if your systems are working at top efficiency or if we can recommend any changes that could reduce your power usage.

Relocation Planning

Planning to move or add a second location? One of the biggest stresses of moving is worrying about missing a call or an email from a customer.   Telspan can be a single source provider of your telecommunication relocation planning for everything from disconnect, to design, set up and installation of your new system or current system.

Telspan – Full Service Assurance Program

  • Consultation of carrier selection and renewal for optimal price and services for your system and needs.
  • Telspan will be your liaison with your phone carrier or system manufacturer. Interfacing with vendor on communication systems problem resolution.
  • Remote programming assistance and customer service support via telephone.
  • Off site back up of your phone system.
  • Repairs on site, by certified field technicians.
  • Emergency response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Annual inspection and preventative maintenance, includes inspection, cleaning, system tests and adjustments as required.
  • Training of employees on the proper use and functions of the system.