Video Surveillance and Recording

Video SurveillanceVideo surveillance is a practical security measure for almost every environment! Anywhere that the safety of customers, staff, patients, or business assets is valuable should be armed and protected against potential hazards or theft. Moreover, 50% of facilities such as banks, malls, restaurants, hotels, etc. use VHS or 1st generation digital surveillance today, even though their premises are already wired for advance digital surveillance. Upgrade or add a system tailored specifically to your premise’s needs.


Mass Storage and Playback

Digital video recorders (DVRs) compile all surveillance video data into a central access point, making any video surveillance system manageable and effective.  ICON Voice Networks offers analog, IP and hybrid DVRs, each capable of hosting up to 64 cameras per DVR. Our DVRs can be programmed to continuously record or to begin recording once a motion sensor or environmental alarm is triggered. DVRs offered feature:

  • Standalone capability or availability to be viewed over a network or the internet
  • Browser based or client based capability
  • Username and password protection
  • Simultaneous real time monitoring and recording
  • Alert messages sent to a computer (pop-up), smartphone, or email
  • Simultaneous playback for multiple channels
  • Customizable storage configurations

 IP, Analog or Hybrid?

Video SurveillanceDepending on your system needs, and specifically the type of surveillance cameras you have or desire, there are several suitable different DVRs. Our IP DVRs, such as the Clear2there IP Series line, are designed for seamless compatibility with IP surveillance cameras, while analog DVRs, such as the Clear2there 1000 Series, function with analog cameras. However, additional transmitters are available to convert IP to analog and back if needed.  Like the IP cameras, IP DVRs easily integrate into data systems and eliminate any picture distortion with high definition. The analog DVRs, such as the 1000 Series, are a lower cost than the IP DVRs, and excel with low lighting analog cameras. In addition to analog and IP, ICON Voice Networks offers hybrid DVRs, such as the HDVR Series and the 8400 DVR of the 8000 Series. Hybrid DVRs are compatible with both IP and analog cameras without the need of an additional transmitter – a perfect solution for an integrated system of analog and IP cameras.