Benefits of the Cloud From Telspan

Make Business Life Simple Utilize Benefits of the Cloud Communications Services

  • benefits of the cloud - kite imageGoing “Cloud Hosted” enables quick and easy deployment and operations.
  • According to our customers, our Premium Deskphones are extremely user-friendly.
  • Also, a cost effective hosted communications platform, as a result of hardware reduction.
  • Being on the latest technology enables you to always stay up to date.
  • You have very little to do. We provide you with a turnkey solution for all your communications needs.

Benefits of the cloud banner

  • Built in redundancy to ensure your communications are backed up at all times.
  • Easily scale up your communications as your company grows.
  • Predictable user-based pricing model.

benefits of the cloud - save money

  • Focus on your business, no need to invest in a specialized IT resource.
  • Only pay for the services you need.
  • Even out your expenses into monthly payments instead of paying one up front fee.
  • Minimum hardware on site (only phones).


  • Onsite service available, more than just a centralized number to call.
  • Local technical support to help you with any technical issue.
  • Recommended by our clients.


  • Automated attendantconferencing and voice mail are available.
  • Mobility: use your Smartphone as extension of the cloud phone system.
  • Unified Communications available on any phone (Smartphone, deskphone, tablet, computer).
  • Voicemail forwarded to your email

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