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  Becoming aware as quickly as possible when an unexpected situation or disturbance occurs is the first step towards preventing disaster, ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting the security of your district, campus or building. ICON will work with you to customize an advanced safety solution.



  Most locations are not prepared to respond to a disruptive event and do not have systems in place to automatically alert stakeholders of a situation in progress. Typically, inefficient manual processes are used to alert staff, security and visitors. Using technology to automate your current processes and systems to operate as one cohesive, integrated system with centralized management, monitoring and alerting is a core foundational piece when building your safety strategy.

Becoming aware as quickly as possible when an unexpected situation or disturbance occurs is the first step towards preventing disaster, ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting the security of your district, campus or building. ICON will work with you to customize an advanced safety solution.

Use ICON Signals to know instantly when problems arise

ICON Signals is a platform developed by ICON Voice Networks that monitors events and alerts designated people or groups when something happens.

Signals is available as a turnkey appliance for premises-based installations or as a hosted service through ICON Cloud Solutions. Signals scales to grow from a handful of sensors to thousands of monitored devices. ICON Signals was designed to be a flexible and cost effective platform that supports a wide array of applications that include but are not limited to,

  • School applications including hard and soft lock down conditions.
  • Notification of dialed numbers from a PBX including 911 calls.
  • Environmental monitoring of various sensors including temperature, moisture, motion, electrical voltage/current, smoke, fire and other devices.
  • Integrate with systems already in place, like environmental and security control systems to centralize alert notifications
  • Monitor critical systems in real time for changes in temperature, moisture, water and motion
  • Monitor key physical assets including server rooms, refrigeration units, HVAC, access points and storage areas
  • Proactive alerting to multiple communication devices including mobile handsets, business phones, PC’s, digital signage and more
  • Notification based on third party device / system input such as alarm panels and simple signal conditions such as door open / close conditions.
  • Customized advanced notification of events, alerting via;Voice Call
    • SMS text
    • E-mail
    • Social Media

The three main components of Signals are Triggers, Events and Notifications.

Triggers – The monitored devices and systems that initiate alerts.

  • Large variety of Alert Triggers supported
  • Scales from a few to large numbers
  • Wired triggers
    • Panic buttons
    • Motion detection from IP camera
  • Wireless triggers
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Wi-Fi
    • 900 MHz
  • Rainbow
    • Initiate a Signals alert using Rainbow
  • Monitored PBX
    • Alcatel-Lucent OXO, OXE, OpenTouch system events
      • CSTA
  • Monitored 3rd Party System


Sensors – Sending alerts to your communication devices

Wired and wireless sensors are available to track any activity taking place at your facility. Sensor types include,

  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Smoke
  • Door triggers
  • Moisture
  • E911 call
  • Fire
  • Panic button

Sensors can be deployed over your existing wireless network.

  • ICON Signals supports Wi-Fi sensors and also integrates with alarm panels and other systems already in place.
  • Wi-Fi, wired and 900 MHz sensors
  • Fire panels
  • Alarm panels
  • PBX integration

Events – The types of Trigger events to which Signals is configured to respond.

E911 Alerting

Improve the way your organization is notified when someone dials 911 or activates a police or fire alarm.

  • Send text alerts to key staff identifying the extension, room or building from where 911 was dialed.
  • Include a link to a map of the location with a text alert.
  • Send a broadcast voice or text announcement to mobile phones, desk phones, PCs and tablet with information about the 911 call. This information can also be broadcast over paging systems and loudspeakers.
  • Activate video cameras in the area and provide a live feed with the alert.

Environmental Monitoring

Becoming more aware of your environment and pro-actively managing security breaches helps minimize downtime that leads to lost production or worse. Perfect for businesses of all types and sizes.

  • Add door sensors and motion detectors to secured areas. Receive alerts when doors are opened or motion is detected.
  • Use wireless sensors to detect temperature, moisture, water, smoke, flame, etc. Receive alerts if monitored equipment fails, goes out of range, or is threatened by an environmental disruption.
  • Quick messaging can be used to notify any or all employees of general or emergency announcements on mobile devices, PA systems, PC screens, and digital wall boards.

Campus Lockdown

Maintain a secure environment from outside threats by enabling hard or soft lockdowns from devices including mobile phones, desk phones, PC, tablet, panic button and more. When a threat is detected, initiating a lockdown,

  • Secure all doors and access areas.
  • Send discreet alerts to key personnel.
  • Use devices to acknowledge lockdown are report status.
  • Automatically alert authorities.
  • Create voice or text message providing important details
    about the lockdown condition.

Mass Inter-connectivity

Messages that Signals sends based on the Alert Events.

  • Various methods are supported in response to an alert Trigger event.
    • Voice call
    • SMS Text
    • E-Mail
    • Rainbow message
    • Generate calls to Cloud Hosted or Premises PBX Systems
    • Integration to other building systems such as school strobes for lock-down
    • Cloud Hosted or Premises PBX Services
      • Access Analog or IP Paging systems to announce messages or provide instructions
    • Other System Integration
      • Trigger building alert systems such as lock-down strobes and other devices.
      • Interface to building systems such as alarm systems

Security Monitoring

Video Surveillance: Deploy a custom video surveillance system that can be enabled with our Visual Cloud application to manage all surveillance cameras, access live feeds and integrate with physical security solutions and productivity tools.

Video Paging: Receive alert messages with link to live camera feed. Use enhanced mapping software to zoom in on cameras.

Weather Alerts

Environmental Monitoring: Timely awareness when an unexpected situation or disturbance occurs is the first step to ensuring the safety of your employees and the security of your business. ICON Signals is an advanced notification solution that allows you to communicate with everyone on any device wherever they may be.

System Integration Services: ICON can work with you to integrate your subsystems to work with our security and environmental monitoring, hosted communications and productivity applications.

For detailed information, download;

Visual Cloud – Environmental & Security Alerting with Live Camera Access pdf

Notifications – Notify the Authorities, Security, Staff and Management with ease.

Notification of an event or alert is accomplished through various means including SMS text message, e-mail, integration to third party web applications such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s collaboration service, telephone calls to internal and external telephone numbers, broadcast alerts through paging systems and activation of external alert devices such as strobes and other devices.

  • Send information about an event to one or more recipients via email message, SMS message, Social Media post, or voice call with announcement message.
  • Send SMS messages and voice calls with announcements that include receipt acknowledgement.
  • Post an alert message to a social media. For example, send an instant message to an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow user or bubble (group). Posted messages can be viewed on mobile phones, PCs or browser-based Rainbow clients.
  • Generate calls to hosted or premises PBX systems. For example, an ICON Cloud extension.
  • Engage other systems and devices. For example, turn on strobe lights, play a recorded message through the overhead or internal paging system, send a lock command to the access control system.

Open Architecture

Most organizations have multiple monitoring and communications systems already in place. These systems include phone systems, access control systems, clock systems, alarm panels, etc. These systems typically operate independently. Leveraging an open architecture, ICON Signals integrates all of these systems into a centralized monitoring and alerting platform. When an event such as intrusion, weather event or fire alarm occurs, alerts are sent to multiple endpoints inclusive of mobile phones, text messages, audible alerts and more.