ICON Signals Monitoring and Notification Platform

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ICON Signals is a platform developed by ICON Voice Networks that monitors events and alerts designated people or groups when something happens.

Signals is available as a turnkey appliance for premises-based installations or as a hosted service through ICON Cloud Solutions. Signals is scalable to grow from a handful of sensors to thousands of monitored devices. ICON Signals was designed to be a flexible and cost effective platform that supports a wide array of applications that include but are not limited to,

  • School applications including hard and soft lockdown conditions.
  • Notification of dialed numbers from a PBX including 911calls.
  • Environmental monitoring of various sensors including temperature, moisture, motion, electrical voltage/current, smoke, fire and other devices.
  • Notification based on third party device / system input such as alarm panels and simple signal conditions such as door open / close conditions.
  • Mass notification of events.

Notification of an event or alert is accomplished through various means including SMS text message, e-mail, integration to third party web applications such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s collaboration service, telephone calls to internal and external telephone numbers, broadcast alerts through paging systems and activation of external alert devices such as strobes and other devices.

Examples of ICON Signals customizable notification options include:

  • Send information about an event to one or more recipients via email message, SMS message, Social Media post, or voice call with announcement message.
  • Send SMS messages and voice calls with announcements that include receipt acknowledgement.
  • Post an alert message to a social media. For example, send an instant message to an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow user or bubble (group). Posted messages can be viewed on mobile phones, PCs or browser-based Rainbow clients.
  • Generate calls to hosted or premises PBX systems. For example, an ICON Cloud extension.
  • Engage other systems and devices. For example, turn on strobe lights, play a recorded message through the overhead or internal paging system, send a lock command to the access control system.

The three main components of Signals are Triggers, Events and Notifications.

Triggers – The monitored devices and systems that initiate alerts.

  • Large variety of Alert Triggers supported
  • Scalable from a few to large numbers
  • Wired triggers
    • Panic buttons
    • Motion detection from IP camera
  • Wireless triggers
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Wi-Fi
    • 900 MHz
  • Rainbow
    • Initiate a Signals alert using Rainbow
  • Monitored PBX
    • Alcatel-Lucent OXO, OXE, OpenTouch system events
      • CSTA
  • Monitored 3rd Party System

Events – The types of Trigger events to which Signals is configured to respond.

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • E-911 Notification
  • School Lockdown
  • Building Evacuation
  • Weather Alert
  • Security Monitoring
  • Mass Notification

Notification – Notifications that Signals sends based on the Alert Events.

  • Various Notification methods are supported in response to an alert Trigger event.
    • Voice call
    • SMS Text
    • E-Mail
    • Rainbow message
    • Generate calls to Cloud Hosted or Premises PBX Systems
    • Integration to other building systems such as school strobes for lock-down
    • Cloud Hosted or Premises PBX Services
      • Access Analog or IP Paging systems to announce messages or provide instructions
    • Other System Integration
      • Trigger building alert systems such as lock-down strobes and other devices.
      • Interface to building systems such as alarm systems